I didn’t work out all weekend, but come Monday I am still feeling the burn from Fridays bicep workout.  I started training a new way this year that I have never tried before and I am really feeling the intensity.  I started doing drop sets on all my exercises, it’s really intense and actually shortens my time in the gym which is interesting.  Last year when I started working out I was doing supersets, now i’ve just transitioned over to drop sets because I could feel my body adapting to my old routine and I had started the plateau.  I’m excited about working out again, I’ve set personal goals for myself and just got a new barrel of vega sport to keep at work and drink after my workouts to recover.  I can’t wait to get more toned and bigger as the weeks pass on.

A good video I watched today:



Happy New Year, you have the flu, you’re welcome. Two days ago was the first time I started to feel better, I celebrated by attempting to run a couple miles. I didn’t make it as far as two miles and only made it a little over one-point-five running and walking.  I count this as a win because I’m still wheezing normally just sitting down.  Afterwards I felt energized, I cleaned my basement, I took out tons of trash, I did a load or laundry.  I ate popcorn and laid in bed at 10pm. I am going to ease back into my life, don’t want to get out of hand

Yesterday I did another run, this time I made it the entire one-point-five miles without stopping.  One might not consider this a win as this is not a long distance, but after having the flu this is quite the milestone.  I am trying to keep in mind that I need to take it easy, something I am not the best at doing so this is good for me.

Today I went to the gym to lift a little, man am I weak (from sickness)!  I didn’t do a complete workout, I thought it was time to stop after I got dizzy and almost fell off the side of the bench.  Tomorrow is another day, at least I still look fit.